Welcome to the
De Angelus Estates
Business Components for
the De Angelus Estates
Class 35: DAE, De Angelus Estates, business management unit
Class 43: LDA, Lugar de Angelus, food & beverage, temporary
Class 45: LDA, Lugar de Angelus, spiritual development, training &
lifestyle counseling retreat
Class 41: ACE, Angelus Componential Education, skills development &
Class 44: AUD, Agri Urban Developments, Agro investment:
De Angelus Alpacas, Pecans, Olives, Beef, Dairy, Organics
and Fresh produce
Class 42: AUD, Agri Urban Developments, biotechnical research,
organic fertilizers & sprays
De Angelus Estates
Although the developments pertaining to each farm is at times described
separately, the developments collectively form one large functional
economic unit or estate.
This estate will be known as De Angelus Estates.
Development within
De Angelus Estates
25 available Investment stands of 9 000m
Housing to serve as accommodation for farm manager’s, staff and
accredited trainers within Skills Component
An international school complex and associated staff accommodations
Office park: offices, press & distiller, research lab, warehousing etc.
Rooftop wind vertical axis turbines for green energy generation
Geothermal and natural gas energy applications
Envirosafe sewage and water recapitalization
Recycling and sorting plant
The conservation of wetlands, endangered and Red Data-listed species
Breathtaking Hiking trails
Retail nursery & Tea Garden
Organic research & production unit
Lugar de Angelus, spiritual
and wellness retreat
International Spiritual Wellness Retreat & amenities, which includes:
The Lugar Wellness Center & treatment regimes
Internet business center
Associated accommodation
Two crystal Roman-baths & associated therapies
Conference facility
Restaurant complex
Chapel and event planning division
Amphi theatre and Labyrinth
Angelus Componential
Education, education & training
Creation of an accredited education, growth and upliftment hub
Community development
Estate management
Fire prevention and rescue modalities
A pecan nut production unit
An olive oil, olive-spread and pulp, production unit
Alpaca llama breeding and production unit
Llama wool Weavers
Organic beef production unit
Organic milk & cheese production supplying DAE and organic retailers
Fresh produce production unit to supply the estate and organic market
Horticultural production unit for the growth of oil-rich herbs for
pharmaceutical-grade oils
Scotston Cottages
Accommodation to be leased daily, weekly or monthly
Three small cottages
A rainwater well
And a lookout platform
De Angelus Estates Office
The landscaping principles that were applied, resonates to higher tones,
creating application of visual, sensory and auric energies.
Color and placement all serve to heighten the experience.
Angelus Green Technologies
1. Geothermal and natural gas heating & cooling
2. Recapitalisation Sewage plants and water retention systems
3. Estate wind energy solutions
ROD achieved: May 2014
Lugar de Angelus (Angelic
Place) Spiritual Wellness
The largest development on the De Angelus Estates is the
Lugar de Angelus (Angelic
Place) Wellness Retreat.
It will consist of:
1. Lugar
main centre and offices, inclusive of the
conference facility, which
would also serve as an indoor theatre, catering for 900 delegates/patrons.
2. Two Crystal-healing
3. A labyrinth,
Sophia de Elohim
, based upon the Notre Dame, at Chartres, France.
4. The
Luthuli Library
is situated in the
Albert Luthuli Centre
5. The
Namaste Coffee Shop
, as well as a retail facility,
selling selected
media, will also be accommodated in this building.
6. The central meditation area, Ligero de Angelus (Angelic Light)
Lugar de Angelus (Angelic
Place) Spiritual Wellness
7. The accommodation components will comprise of seven clusters. namely:
Vilon, Raqia, Shehaqim, Machanon, Makon, Zebhul and Araboth.
54 two- and 90 three bedroom units, i.e. 144 accommodation units, plus 15 two-bed
staff units, totalling 159 units.
8. The main hiking route, Meandro Angelica (angelic meander) will lead across
breathtaking terrain up to the Lions Head range.
9. An Amphi-theatre, Nabuccu, will cater for 3 600 visitors.
10. Rosea De Cielo Restaurant Complex:
(Heavenly Rose)
, featuring “a la carte”
, “buffet or reception”
, as well as “terrace & tea garden”
11. A small chapel,
Angel Rizing,
founded on Cistercian architecture, will be available
for intimate events.
ACE skills development and
training programmes
The Angelus Componential Education (ACE) program, will offer the best possible
support for its’ graduates nationally
Local community development
All farms will form part of De Angelus Estates.
Walking trails and horse trails will be developed across all five farms
Residents that have excellent local knowledge of the fauna and flora will be trained
as conservators.
The township residents will be evaluated and guided, concerning the various NSD-
learner ship programmes that the Estates’ education system will offer
Planning includes the creation of a vibrant local produce complex, “DAE Organic
In partnership with township residents, crafts will be marketed at the old station
building, to be refurbished, and converted into the “Van Reenen Station & Art
Emporium”, dually serving as the station platform, once the Highland Rail Meander
is operational.
National Skills Development Strategy
The Principle aims and objectives of the training, development and upliftment project
for the De Angelus Estates is to support the National Skills Development Strategy.
ACE skills development and
training programmes
Programs Envisaged
Animal Generic framework
Tourism & Hospitality
Community Development
Sustainable Estate Management
ACE skills development and
training programmes
The NQF 1 level skill has an element of science and includes
Sewage Treatment Plant Management
Electricity Management
Bio-gas Management
The NQF 0 skills have no science element and include
Recycling Management
Parks & Garden Management
Alien Vegetation Removal & Rehabilitation Management
Storm Water Management
Fire Management
Road Management
Erosion Control Management
Cattle (subject specific)
Alpaca Llama (subject specific)
International school
Angelus School of Higher Education (ASHE)
An international secondary school, dormitory and sport field complex is planned.
Provision for an eventual 270 students who wish to be educated within the scientific,
mathematical and classical art domains. The school is set to follow the Malanthon
curriculum, tuition being English with Dutch as second language. This will provide
excellent tertiary study opportunities to the students.
The School from the North-Eastern view
International school
The school will initially open to grades 8 to 10 students, hence it will have its’ first
grade 12 class within three years of opening. Sports fields will be situated in close
proximity to the dormitory.
Vista de Angelus is the staff housing provided for the school unit. Thirteen such units
will be built.
De Angelus Foundation
Social Investment
The De Angelus Foundation is created with those disadvantaged individuals,
excelling in scientific subjects, in mind.
Although the Foundation, caters for funding secondary applicants; it is foreseen to
cater at a more advanced stage of its existence, for application in the funding of
tertiary studies
INDIVIDUALS WILL BE ABLE TO APPLY AT THE FOUNDATION as from the inception of the school,
Housing developments
Investment Houses are to be developed off two lanes on the
farm Paulina, and one lane at the western boundary of
The twenty-five houses will be allocated as an investment-
option, to national and international investors, upon
The portfolio was constructed to include the dwelling and
proportional shareholding within a special group-portfolio,
forming 30% shareholding in the Holding Company, DAE (Pty)
Olive Grove housing
Seven will be built off the Meandro de Oliva” lane, (Olive Meander) on the
westerly border, along the olive plantation, ensuring views of the Lions
Rump mountain peak.
De Pinos housing
Eight houses are to be built at the south- western border, along the “Pinos
de Angelus” lane, (Angelic Pines) amongst exceptional Bhutan-pine-tree
specimens, in close proximity to the managers’ house at the plantation
Vistas de Cielo housing
development (Heavenly Views)
The “Vistas de Cielo” lane will comprise of ten houses located on the
western perimeter of the farm Geluk. These houses will be available as an
investment-option, to investors
The Future
The future… De Angelus Estates
The Highland Rail Meander is envisaged to run between the towns of Ladysmith, Van
Reenen, Harrismith, Bethlehem and Ficksburg.
The rail route will travel through some breathtaking scenery and will offer the towns
unique opportunities in furthering employment and tourism in their districts.
It is thought to call this locomotive Trans-Drakenz, in reference to the fact that it will
in fact cross the mountain range en-route.